Monday, December 12, 2011

No clue

My AMAZING, WONDERFUL and THOUGHTFUL husband pulled off the best 30th birthday surprise party on Saturday night...and I had no clue! Apparently there were hundreds of emails exchanged between Kelly & Mike over the last several months.

Let me set the stage...

I worked in Charlotte all last week, and Mike came into town Friday to attend my work holiday party with me. Kelly's parents were supposed to come into town on Saturday to see the Christmas lights and take us to dinner. Kelly "said" she wanted to have a girls day so we decided to spend the whole day together. Little did I know this was a big fat lie and she really just needed me out of the house!
She took me to Yama for lunch, shopped until we literally dropped at SouthPark Mall, then headed to the movies to see Breaking Dawn. By the time the movie was over, it was around 7:15 and I had made a 8pm reservation at Cantina. We were going to rush home, grab the husbands and her parents before heading to dinner.

We pulled up to the house, got out of the car and all of a sudden a bunch of people jump up and started yelling, "SURPRISE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY." I then had a mild heart attack, wondered who they were yelling at, and began freaking out. I saw my sister, Em, doing what looked like a cheerleader cheer with her mouth wide open smiling (love you, sis) and then realized they were "surprising" me.
Kelly led me upstairs where so many sweet friends (and both my sisters) were there to wish me a happy birthday. To say I was shocked would be the largest understatement of the year!
I then got to see all Mike's hard work (my sisters and Kel helped some too)...invitations complete with calligraphy, custom koozies, decorations, catering from Cantina, the mos
t perfect cake ever and lots of loved ones to share the night with. Mike filled me in on the months of planning and all the lies that had been told.
Kel left the boys a diagram so they would set everything up right-ha!

I cannot thank my husband and friends enough for such a wonderful surprise. All the details (especially the cake & koozies) were perfect and made my heart so happy! I felt beyond loved and couldn't imagine a better 30th birthday present.


Lynsey said...

What a wonderful birthday surprise!!

Emily G. said...

wouldn't have missed it for the world!!! love you!

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, how awesome is this?!! Way to go Mike! I am so impresses. Mainly because you did not find out. I mean, Gibbs of all people- Mrs. Event Planner! So perfect!!!

Erica Moore said...

So much fun! That was one of the best surprises I've heard of! Let's hang out soon!

Hallie Madewell said...

Way to go Mike!!! Happy Birthday.. looks like so much fun!

Kara said...

What a great surprise!!! Happy 30th!!!