Sunday, November 20, 2011


I spent last week working in Charlotte and living at my 2nd home, casa de St. Louis. It was a very busy week and I was glad to see the weekend arrive.
Sunday night, Kel & I went to dinner and caught up on life before the crazy week began.
The majority of the week was spent running from meeting to meeting, prepping for a GIGANTIC presentation, having to deal with teammates getting let go (heartbreaking), after work activities and hanging out with friends.
The good news is...I got to attend 2 baby showers (YAY!!), volunteer at Crisis Assistance Ministries, attend an offsite with my extended teammates and partake in Family dinner nigh

I always look forward to family dinner night and couldn't wait for Thursday to roll around. The Bruces, Chids, Kessl
er and Parker came over to the St. Louis house for a night of food, drinks and laughter. Kel made delicious soup that we ate in Panera bread bowls...HUGE hit! We ended the night with the ever so popular, cookie cake, to celebrate Ellen & Sara's birthdays. I always love an excuse to eat cake!

I was so excited to catch up with friends, that I neglected to take many pictures. I did however take a few pictures of the food...priorities!

We already have the next Family dinner planned and I'm so excited that my husband will be in town this time. He hasn't been to a family dinner in so long.
Even though the week was a long one, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm grateful to be able to see my Charlotte family and teammates every few weeks.

We're heading back to Charlotte on Tuesday morning to spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Then we only have a few weeks of work before our 2 week Christmas vacation...WOOT WOOT!!!! I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!

Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone...gobble gobble.

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