Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Early Wedding

Jay & Erin tied the knot on Saturday night and it was perfect! Erin looked stunning and I have never seen Jay look so happy. I have to say that Mike was a good looking groomsmen but I'm ready to see him as a groom. We had a BALL catching up with friends, dancing, drinking and watching Jay revert back to his college days and do a keg stand. We couldn't be happier for the new couple...we are only slightly jealous that the Early's are in wine country right now! :)
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Early
I do not approve of the groomsmen destroying Jay's car. I didn't even take pictures of the inside...even worse. Don't worry dad...our cars will be no where near the church OR reception!

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Lynn said...

No rest for you when it comes to weddings! You're just too popular! :)