Monday, May 10, 2010

The first of many

We made the trip to Knoxville this weekend to figure out our living situation. As we were driving, we started talking about the number of times we will be driving this stretch of road. Needless to say, Mike will be taking the Honda and I'll be keeping his Jeep. (Dad-Mike has promised to take good care of the car).
We began our search on Friday at what we thought was a promising house for rent near downtown. A few street before the house, we got a bit nervous and decided this was a bad idea. The house was TERRIBLE and it looked like it was built in 1789. On to option number 2, we pull up to the townhouse community and were taken on a tour. I asked the gentlemen when it
was updated last (b/c it was struggling), he said probably around 1978...yes, before I was born. I don't need much...just maybe some appliances from at least the 90's!! Place number 3 had some promise because it was near one of our friend's houses. Well, no such luck either. We walk in and it smelled like Deedee & Gregg's house, had AC window units, orange carpet, and had 100 cats. Nope- couldn't handle that one either. About this time, Mike decided I was a ticking time bomb emotionally and needed to call it a day....good idea.
We headed to Market Square for dinner and ate at a great place called Cafe 4. A friend recommend Market Square and it was a hit...great drinks, food, shopping and people watching.

I won't give you a play by play of our day Saturday...but it was a MUCH better experience. We looked at a TON of places and I think I memorized every road in Knoxville. We met our friends, Tony & Lauren Pugh for dinner Saturday night at a brewery downtown. They moved from
Charlotte a few months ago so it was nice to hear how their transition has gone...and it gave me lots of hope. After dinner, drinks and lots of laughs, we headed back to our hotel at 1am. (yes, I am very proud of myself for that 1am bedtime)

It was actually a great weekend minus a few bumps. We found a great house to rent until we find one to buy, enjoyed the greenways, ate great food and were introduced to a few people that could be potential friends.
Tennessee, you might not be so bad after all...


Lynsey and Brian said...

Husband went to UT for undergrad so I am fond of the area! Glad things turned around for you.

Emily G. said...

Damn straight Tennessee's not so bad!! :)

Glad your house-hunting went well; cant wait to hear about it more this WEEKEND! Looking forward to seeing you & living it up in MB. Don't forget your penis straw!!!!!!!!!

Lora said...

We might have to come up with a new nickname for you to replace country club after you have lived in TN for a few months ;) Glad day 2 was better than day 1!